Student Stories

 A student-arranged “Practice Experience” is the signature element of the GPP Minor, providing an opportunity for students to connect the theory and practice of poverty action.  GPP Students have completed practices experiences in the Bay Area, United States, and in over 70+ countries.                    Check out some of their stories here! 


Supporting Reproductive Health Services and Education in India

  • Location: Jaipur, India  
  • PE Org: A Broader View 
Anika & Anjali Kalra
Molecular & Cell Biology Students


Learning From Rural Farming Communities in Colombia

  • Location: San Juan de Pasto, Colombia
  • PE Org: Fundación Suyusama
Bori Kozek
Environmental Sciences

Working with Resettled Refugee Communities in Oakland

  • Location: Oakland
  • PE Org: Refugee Transitions 
Samia Sherif
Political Science

Protecting Civil Rights for Those Impacted by the Criminal Justice System

  • Location: New Orleans
  • PE Org: Voice of the Experience
Hannah Warshawsky
Interdisciplinary Studies

Defending the Rights of Homeless Communities in the Bay Area

  • Location: San Francisco 
  • PE Org: The Coalition on Homelessness
Ian Betrando
Philosophy & Legal Studies

Fostering Accessible Healthcare Services in the Bay Area

  • Location: Oakland
  • PE Org: La Clinica de la Raza 
Nikita Iyer
Molecular & Cell Biology

Facilitating Art Programs for Urban Youth 

  • Location: Quezon City, the Phillippines
  • PE Org: People’s Solidarity
Christian Guerrero
Social Welfare

Improving safe housing and water sanitation in slums

  • Location: Ahmedabad, India
  • PE Org: Manila Housing Trust
Pallavi Panyam
Civil Engineering

Practice Experience Blogs

Several students in the GPP Minor have documented their Practice Experiences by keeping blogs. Learn more about their experiences and insights

Estrella Sainburg

worked in Chiapas, Mexico with Fundación Cántaro Azul focusing on issues with water filtration, treatment, & drinking water distribution

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Danielle Puretz

worked in New Orleans, LA with Young Aspirations/Young Artists, engaging youth in public awareness and social engagement through art.

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Asia Tallino

worked in Senegal, Africa with Urban Farmers GIE, assisting the organization with fundraising as well as researching urban agricultural practices

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Janine Myint

completed her practice experience in Mumbai, India with the Bombay Leprosy Project working to provide specialized care to those diagnosed with the disease

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GPP Photo Contest

All GPP students are encouraged to submit original photographs from their practice experience for the GPP Annual Photo Contest. Winners are voted on by GPP students, faculty and Blum staff, and are evaluated by visual content, aesthetic, and a compelling photo caption that reveals a deeper meaning to the image.