GPP Staff Advisors and Peer Advisors are available to meet with students both in-person and on Zoom to discuss any questions they have regarding the GPP Minor. Chetan Chowdhry, the Director of Student Programs, is the Lead Advisor and Jennifer Choi is the Lead Peer Advisor. The GPP Peer Advisors are undergraduate students who have completed a majority of the requirements for the GPP Minor, including the Practice Experience. They are a great resource to seek information about what the Minor entails, selecting a Practice Experience, course planning, and much more.

We encourage prospective students to meet with GPP Advisors before they apply to declare the Minor. Students declared in the Minor should check in regularly with the Advisors for guidance on ensuring regular progress towards completing the Minor.

We offer in-person and remote drop-in advising during Spring 2022:

Mon: 11am – 1pm (Remote)
Tue: 1pm – 4pm (Remote)
Wed: 11am – 1pm (Remote)
          2pm – 4pm (100H Blum Hall)
Thu: 1pm – 4pm (100H Blum Hall)

Fri: 11am – 1pm (Remote)

Email with any questions.

Meet the Advisors

Spring 2022 Drop-in Advising Schedule

11:00amEmmaNo AdvisingMadison, VictoriaNo AdvisingAustine
11:30amEmmaNo AdvisingMadison, VictoriaNo AdvisingAustine
12:00pmEmmaNo AdvisingJaide, VictoriaNo AdvisingAustine
12:30pmEmmaNo AdvisingJaide, VictoriaNo AdvisingAustine
1:00pmNo AdvisingJaideNo AdvisingEmmaNo Advising
1:30pmNo AdvisingJaideNo AdvisingEmmaNo Advising
2:00pmNo AdvisingJaide, VictoriaChetanMadisonNo Advising
2:30pmNo AdvisingJaideChetanMadisonNo Advising
3:00pmNo AdvisingChetanChetanMadisonNo Advising
3:30pmNo AdvisingChetanChetanMadisonNo Advising


Students who are interested in pursuing the Global Poverty and Practice Minor and would like to receive reminders about workshops, deadlines, and other information related to the Minor are encouraged to complete the following form:

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